What the hell Apple, why kill OpenClip?

    A couple days ago I wrote a quick post after stumbling upon OpenClip. It was a genius workaround that would give us copy and paste in the interim while Apple got their act together. I went back to the site today to check it out again and found a notice that Apple has been erecting stumbling blocks, making it difficult for them to move forward with the original concept.

    Unless Apple is close to implementing Cut/Paste in the near future, what the hell gives?

    From OpenClip:
    “However, even though apple is killing the concept behind the current OpenClip, that doesn’t mean we can’t change the concept. A shared clipboard could be stored in an Address Book card or even on a remote server. Those solutions aren’t as good as the OpenClip implementation, but they aren’t bad. “

    Can’t a brother just get some damn cut and paste in here?


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