What happens when you’re getting pounded by the competition?

You fight back by putting up a recording booth where you can record your own “I’m a PC” ad in front of all of your competition’s stores. I’m not sure how effective it is to throw these booths up. If someone’s in the Apple store or heading to an Apple store, there’s probably a very good chance that they have made up their mind already. You’d probably be more effective sticking these booths right next to the calculator aisle (ZING?). A dorky ad and recording booth is not going to change my mind, would it change yours? I mean, you could either play with sexy computers in the store, or you could go and record an ad? What would you choose? Microsoft would come off a lot better if they just ignored Apple completely. Give it up guys. Go do your own thing because trying to beat someone at their own game doesn’t exactly work. It could be coincidence, or it could be that Microsoft just spent a lot of money on an ad campaign just as bad as the Seinfield ones. My guess is that it’s the later more than it’s the aforementioned “coincidence”. What do you think about the ads? Do you think they’ll be effective?

Here’s a call to arms! I’d love to see some people record an “I’m a Mac” ad at one of these booths with their isights. That would make my month.

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