What do I want out of a browser?

I am something of a whore for web browsers. If there is a build of it on Mac OS X, I have used it. Here is the million dollar question, though: What do I want out of a browser? I have stewed on this for quite some time, and I have accumulated a list of features that my dream browser would have. It doesn’t exist yet, but Safari comes the closest. So without further ado, here is my list:

  • Rearrangable Tabs
  • Small Visual Footprint
  • Customizable Search Bar
  • Adheres to the Latest Web Standards
  • Basic Add-on Capability
  • Bookmark, History, and Cookie Syncing
  • Private Browsing Mode
  • Each Tab Spins off its own Process
  • Plug-ins are Sandboxed
  • Full-Page Zoom
  • Keychain Integration

Those are really the features that matter the most to me. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all meet different criteria on that list, but none of them meet all of the criteria. Some day my prince will come…

Photo Credit: ritwikdey

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