Whale Trail absolutely destroying sales in its first weekend

It hasn’t taken long for Whale Trail to crack Apple’s prestigious Game Of The Week rankings. In fact, it only took four days. Whale Trail has sold 38,000 copies of the game on the App Store. Day one was October 20, and today it’s officially Apple’s Game Of The Week.

Matt Mills, co-founder of ustwo, has spent £150,000 ($240,000) on the game, and needs to sell 300,000 copies just to break even.

From The Guardian:

“But we’re on our way: we couldn’t be happier with the launch. We have a long way to go, but what we’re overjoyed about is that people like it: the game was made with such passion and love, and people seem to be really buying into that, whether it’s the art, the music or the tiny little gameplay details.”

Still, hitting 38,000 downloads in four days without a lot of press coverage is pretty amazing. Whale Trail is currently raking in the 5-star reviews on the App Store. It’s not surprising considering the gameplay is fantastic, the visuals are stunning and the music, written and performed by Gruff Rhys, rounds out the experience nicely.

So, what’s the game about?

Think Tiny Wings, but instead of planes, you’re Willow the Whale flying through the clouds, dodging angry Thunder Bros (clouds), and escaping Baron von Barron while collecting coloured bubbles along the way.

Note: We’re working on a review of this bad boy. It’s that much fun.

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