Wallet Dilemma converts credit card currency for you

It’s common sense to carry a credit card during trips abroad. Cash can be easily stolen, while canceling a credit card only requires a simple phone call.

But when you whip out that black AmEx, how do you know how many American dollars will be charged to your card? After all, €100 does not equal $100.

In comes Wallet Dilemma ($2.99), the latest offering from developer Taplicious.

The app’s premise is simple. Pick your country of origin (in my case, the U.S.) Pick your bank (Chase, Bank of America, etc) and pick the type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc):

Next, pick the currency you’re converting to. Wallet Dilemma has every currency, from Argentine pesos to Vietnam dongs. The large interface and scrolling options make it easy to find the currency you’re looking for:

Additionally, you can tap the Withdrawal icon on the bottom of the screen to calculate how much it will cost in your native currency to take out cash in your current location. Fast, easy, and simple!

Below is my list of pros and cons for this app:


  • The app can function offline, which is perfect for iPod touch users, or iPhone users looking to avoid being hit with international data roaming fees in areas without Wi-Fi.
  • Its simple design. Even the technology-adverse can use it!
  • There is no display of your current balance on any credit cards you add to the app. Security is not an issue.


  • The price point is a bit high for an app which essentially performs one function.
  • I wouldn’t spend more than a couple days with this app offline, as it may miss exchange rate updates.

That’s it! Happy currency converting!

Did you purchase this app? Let us know your thoughts, as always, in the comments. Feel free to share other currency conversion recommendations too!

Article Via Taplicious

Photo Credit: Taplicious

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