Apps Of The Week: What’s Old Is News, And What’s New Is New

Another week is over, and another all out assault on the weekend is almost here. We’ve seen some pretty cool applications come by our desk this week, so we thought we would get them into a list for you to check out, just in case you missed them.

Let’s get this party started.

iPhone / iPod touch: Vyclone

Like Instagram but for video and with a serious twist, Vyclone lets you shoot video and share it with your friends. The service then edits together the multiple angles shot from various people at the same event and syncs them together. The service also gives you access to the raw footage that’s been shot. Amazing concept. Genius execution. This one’s free, so check it out.

iPad: Evernote

We’re obsessed with Evernote here at Macgasm. The new release of Evernote just hit the shelves, and the new UI has recaptured our interests again. It seems that you can get anywhere you need to with two taps of the screen. The app is also available for the iPhone and Mac, and it’s entirely free. They do offer a premium account, but for the most part you could probably do everything you need to with the free version. It’s worth giving the app another look if you’ve abandoned it in the past.

The Mac: Clear

Clear isn’t really a new app; it’s been on the iPhone for a while. That said, the application just hit the Mac App Store, and is available on the Mac for the first time. If you love it on your iPhone, or if you don’t, you should check out this minimal, yet functional, ToDo list application for your Mac. It syncs perfectly with the iPhone version too. It’s worth checking out.

Game Of The Week: Angry Birds Star Wars

The game has skyrocketed up the charts and took 2.5 hours to reach the top game spot on the App Store. As much as we try to avoid all things Angry Birds in this part of town, we have to give credit where it’s due. This game is pretty fun.

Web App Of The Week:

While we’re not sure what the point of “marketing” on Instagram is, this service checks out your analytical information on your images, such as likes and comment rates, and then gives you a nice little graph of how your images are faring on the service. Kinda neat to check out. It’s free.

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