VoodooPad Pro is dead. Long live VoodooPad.

With the release of VoodooPad 4.2, Gus Mueller of FlyingMeat.com has officially killed VoodooPad Pro. While this might sound like bad news at first, it is actually quite the opposite. All of the features in VoodooPad Pro are now available in the standard version.

The new price of $40 for VoodooPad is the halfway point between the old version of VoodooPad and VoodooPad Pro. Now all paying customers have access to pro features for $10 less.

VoodooPad Lite is still available completely free, but Gus mentioned in the announcement that he would eventually like to merge Lite into the main branch, and just automatically switch into it if a serial number isn’t entered to activate the for-pay features.

As for VoodooPad Pro users, everything will work the same way that it always has. The automatic updater will continue to work, and you won’t be required to change a thing. Win-win for everyone.

Photo Credit: liewcf

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