Verizon call centers giving ‘unlimited overtime’ Tuesday

So, I’ve been informed by several sources that Verizon Wireless call centers, or at least the ones here in Salt Lake City, will be offering ‘unlimited overtime’ this coming Tuesday. Why anyone in their right mind would extend their workday at a call center is beyond me, but it’s clear that Verizon is expecting something big to drop THAT DAY. I honestly was not expecting a product to drop on Tuesday, but just an announcement for something to come later that week/month. However, Verizon appears to be bracing themselves for a lot of orders and device activations.

As for what will drop that day, I’m officially predicting an iPhone 4S with spec bumps, less storage and the current iPhone 4 form factor AND an iPhone 5. The way I see it, Apple’s gotta get the current GSM device replaced by something with a decent antenna, but they’ll still want to keep something around for the $99 price point. Add that to the 4S device that was discovered┬áin the iTunes beta, and it’s certain they’ll be keeping the 4’s design around in some way, but I hope to all holiness that the iPhone 5 comes with it, mostly for Joshua Schnell’s sake. He’ll do something crazy like switch to Android if his only Apple option is a spec-bumped iPhone 4, and we simply can’t have that…

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