Use The MOS To Keep Your Desk Tidy

MOS Cable Management

I don’t know about you, but my desk is always filled with cables. Whether it be a MagSafe adapter for my MacBook Pro, a Lightning adapter for my iPhone and iPad, or a 30-pin adapter for my iPod, my desk is cluttered. In an attempt to hide my cable mess, I’ve tried running cables behind my desk, though I’ve always found that they either fall behind my monitor or, even worse, tumble to the floor.

The folks at Sewell seem to have had the same issue and have created the MOS, or the Magnetic Organization System. This device is essentially a well-designed magnet that sits atop your desk. This magnet holds your cables in place, keeping them from moving and falling when not in use.

The bottom of the MOS features a grippy bottom that uses micro-suction to stick to desks; because of this, your MOS won’t go tumbling down the rear of your desk alongside your slew of cables. Since the MOS uses suction, the device isn’t permanently affixed to your desk, allowing for adjustments.

What if your cable isn’t magnetized? No problem. The device includes a set of cable ties that wrap around said cable. Each cable tie has a small magnet on the inside, allowing your non-magnetized cable to work seamlessly with the MOS.

The MOS is available in two different versions: aluminum and plastic. Both of the devices function the same, though the aluminum model looks classier and will match your Apple products. Unfortunately, the aluminum model retails for $39.95 while the plastic model retails for a cheaper $23.95. The plastic model is available in two colors: black and white.

Via: Cult of Mac

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