Upgrading those new laptops and other Macs

    I had a pretty interesting conversation last night (or…really early this morning) over AIM with someone who’s looking to upgrade to a Mac in the near future. She seems to know her stuff, and she seems to be doing her homework before she makes the switch. She asked me something that no other potential switcher has asked me in the past.

    "Just how easy is it to upgrade your Mac."

    Now there’s a loaded question if I’ve ever seen one! I gave her the run down, and then she inquired about laptops. Sadly, my only experience with a Macbook or a Macbook Pro at this point has consisted of me staring longingly at floor models in Best Buy, and I’ve had to give that up recently. I swear those Geek Squadders thought I was looking for the perfect moment to grab and run……..

    Anyway, I did a quick search around the interweb trying to find a video that illustrated just how easy it was these days. I couldn’t believe it. It took me two hours to take apart my iBook to upgrade my hard drive about a year ago, and now… it’s a matter of minutes.

    Here’s a quick video showing you just how simple it is to upgrade your RAM or Hard Drive on a Macbook.

    Now, let’s contrast that with a video showing you how hard it is to pull apart a mac mini for an upgrade.

    There you have it. Make your choices wisely. ;)

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