Update: Skyfire plans on releasing their browser in batches

Skyfire must be worried about melting their servers. They just announced that their app is no longer “sold out,” and instead of closing off downloads entirely, they’re going to be releasing the application in “batches” until demand starts levelling out and they can handle the traffic.

It looks like they’re taking a play from the Flipboard playbook, controlling supply while they “open batches of downloads for new users.” The application is up against a huge hurdle, transcoding flash video on the fly and serving up HTML5 compatible video feeds is going to take up a lot of resources. Scaling to the demand is going to be a difficult process, and require a lot more resources than they obviously allocated to the project.

Don’t be surprised if it takes you quite a bit of time until you’re able to download the application, because there’s a long list of curious iOS users waiting to download the application.

You might want to keep your eye on the App Store, as the Skyfire application will be popping online and offline temporarily as they start to let new users into the system. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain interest in the application while they scale.

Article Via Apple Insider

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