Twelve South announces BookArc for Air

Twelve South has announced the BookArc for Air, a smaller version of the company’s laptop stand, the BookArc.

Like the larger version, the BookArc for Air holds the notebook upright, saving space on the user’s desk and helping the machine run cooler in clamshell mode. Since the Air has ports on both sides, Twelve South has included a built-in cable manager.

I like the BookArc, and I’m sure the new smaller version is great. However, this product isn’t exactly what many customers had in mind.

Back in October, Ben Brooks emailed the company, and the company told him new inserts would be made for the MacBook Air, so its thinner frame would fit in the existing stand without rocking. However, the company ended up moving in a different direction. Here is what the company wrote to Ben this morning, after he complained about the BookArc for Air:

I can certainly understand you feeling that way. When we corresponded last, a new insert for the old stand was the plan however, through time, this plan changed and a new stand, custom-made for the new Air and with cable management, was pursued instead.

If your BookArc was purchased between the time of Apple’s announcement for the new Airs (October 20, 2010) and December 8th, when the final decision was made and the compatibility was changed on websites (in other words, it was purchased specifically for your new Air and you had no way of knowing it would be incompatible), we will put your name on a list of ‘early adopters’ who may participate in an exchange program. If you qualify, please provide me with proof of the date of purchase and your address, and I’ll add you to the list.

That’s pretty crummy, especially for a company that builds such great products. Hopefully, that exchange program will be enough to appease most customers.

The BookArc for MacBook Air will be available next month at $39.99

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