Tweetie for Mac is coming on Monday!

It looks like the twitter App to end all other twitter apps is going to be released soon. If my twitter stream is filled with conversations about an application, it has to be the best right? If it’s any indication of success, twitter certainly thinks Tweetie is going to blow the socks off the Twitter world on Monday.

It’s one of the sexier looking Twitter applications I’ve stumbled across, so I’ll be giving it a shot on Monday with the rest of the twitterverse. The video from their site shows great design, and effectively segments the information you’re getting from twitter. The don’t show much information about groups or live search streams, but I’m hoping that it’s supported. Tweet Deck is great for tracking the tags #iPhone, #Apple, and #Mac. It’s become a necessity for me. If this technology is built in, I’m game for making the switch.

You can catch a quick sneak peek of the application on their site. It’s a nice tease about what you can expect on Monday.

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