Tree Frog Pad made for more than just the iPad

Recently, I went on a cruise with my family, and being the gadget geek that I am, I had to take my gear with me. I brought everything from my Nikon DSLR to my iPad. The other thing I brought with me  wasn’t so much a gadget, but something to keep my gadgets from falling off the desk in our room when the ship was rocking and swaying, it was the Tree Frog Pad.

Enter the Tree Frog Pad.

When I first unwrapped the Tree Frog Pad, I thought that the Pad was going to leave a sticky residue on my gadgets. Fortunately, it did not, all it left was my devices right where I left them, which is what the Pad was made for.  I was happily surprised to see my devices right where I left them especially when the ship was moving really hard side to side.

We had one full day at sea, and it was pretty rough.  It felt like we had mini earthquakes all day on the ship.  Being a native Southern Californian you would think that I’m used to a little shaking; however, when your rocking back and forth all day it gets old real quick.  That day I had my iPad on the Tree Frog Pad, and it never moved once.  I also placed both my Nikon DSLR and my Canon Vixia HF100 on there, and I didn’t worry once that it was going to fall on the floor.

That’s what is so great about this Pad, it is so versatile, it can be used with anything not just an iPad.  What is also great about the Tree Frog Pad is that you can cut it down to fit your individual devices.  For example, if you have a few iPods and iPhones, you can cut it down to the size of your iDevices and have a personalized Pad just for them.  But remember, I said it’s great for all your electronics.

How to clean your Tree Frog Pad?

After normal use the Tree Frog Pad will accumulate dust and dirt.  No problem, simply wash the Pad in lukewarm water with soap. recommends that you use dish soap, and avoid soaps with skin conditioners.  Once you have rinsed your Pad clean, simply dry it off with a towel.  Now your ready to use the Pad again.  It’s that simple.

How can I get one of these?

The Tree Frog Pad is available through their website.  It retails for $12.95 with free shipping for a limited time.  This is a great price for such a versatile Pad.

I would highly recommend the Tree Frog Pad to anyone who is on the go, and needs to have their devices stay put.  Again this is not like other pads that will leave a gooey residue on your devices or the surface that it’s placed on.  The Pad is sticky, so you and your devices don’t have to be.

Tree Frog Pad Photos

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