The Train has Stopped in Appletown! Steam Client Released.

Ladies and gentlemen, mark May 12th on you calendars. Today Valve officially delivered their much anticipated Steam client to Mac users, and on time I might add. After joking and speculating over their lack of ability to meet their own deadlines, Valve has proved the naysayers wrong by releasing the client today.

While the content released with it is very limited and there is a bit of trickery involved from Valve, you can still have FULL access to all of Steam and its goodies. The games available on its launch include Portal and Torchlight, with a few others that you can find here.

Where the trickery [EVIL TRICKERY] comes into place is on their store page. Everybody can go in and see that the client has been released. They aren’t hiding that like many PC users would like. However, they are misleading people by saying things like “Now Available on Mac & PC” for certain popular games that may or may not entail you building a civilization and conquering the world. However, when you mosey on over to your game library to download said games, you’re unable to… just yet!

Valve announced that while the selection is limited today, they plan to release new games each subsequent Wednesday making Hump Day one to look forward to! Next week’s releases are unknown at this time, but hopefully we’ll see Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and other popular titles in the coming weeks.

News via Steam.

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