Top Macgasmic posts of the week: September 12th Edition

As we pass by the week of September 12th you guys have the iPhone on your mind, well duh. Seriously, do I even need to type this any longer? Even with all the iPhone excitement our top spot goes to Corey Tamas with his news that Portal is free until September 20th. Our 2nd most popular post from Josh Schnell, is somewhat odd as people don’t normally get terribly excited over EFI updates, but this one sparked some controversy and a lot of great debate. Finally in 3rd was an iPhone rumor from Josh Wright of an oddly shaped screen protector speculated to be for the iPhone 5 (seriously, I could make something that looks more real than that). 4th up was a release date rumor from Thomas Towner, and at this point these are the ONLY iPhone 5 rumors I want to hear. Last up is one of my favorite iPhone posts ever from Josh Wright, with a hack that puts a glowing Apple on the back of your iPhone 4, so freaking cool. Have a great rest of your weekend and thanks for all the comments, tweets and feedback this week.

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