You can control the heat in your house with your mac.

I don’t know about where you are, but it’s ridiculously humid up here in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Every day seems to be a struggle for my survival. Sweating nonstop is not my idea of a good time, but, it seems like about half of my problem is weather related, the other half, mac pro related.

Why am I writing about my nasty sweating on a mac related blog? It’s simple, it seems like my Mac Pro knows how to heat up a room like no space heater I’ve ever come across. So, I decided to figure out ways to keep the machine off as much as I possibly can. Today I stumbled across MacRestart and it gave me a flash back to the system preferences.

Were you aware that you can shutdown, and start your machine on a time schedule? It’s perfect. Instead of worrying about shutting off my computer every night and wasting time starting it in the morning, you set the start time and the shutdown time, and go about your life. So now, instead of heating my living room all night long, with my mac pro taking the air conditioners cold air and turning it into air from an oven, the house gets cooled off over night. It’s beautiful!

If you want to put your machine on a schedule, whether its for heat reasons or power reasons, you simply need to open your system preferences, click on the energy saver icon(the light bulb), and the schedule button at the bottom of the window. Now you just have to set your times, hit ok, and your computer is on your schedule!

Maybe now I can get some quality down time in the evenings instead of cursing the heat!

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