Work Magic on your Tags with MetaX

Metadata is a useful way of categorizing your media. MetaX is a metadata editor for Quicktime and MPEG-4 based files. By using MetaX to label our media properly, we will always have the applicable information about our videos available. In this post, I’ll step through some of the options available in MetaX as shown in my numbered screen captures.

1. Here is the album art selector. Drag your artwork into this box.
2. This is the title. What do you want your movie to be called?
3. The artist variable. Give credit where credit is due.
4. When was this movie made? Keep track of when things happened.
5. What rating is your movie?
6. Genre. What kind of a movie is it?
7. Is this movie part of a series? If so, put them in the same album.
8. Who is the overseer of the entire series?
9. If you purchased your movie, when did you buy it?
10. Give a description of your movie.

11. What kind of video is this: Movie, TV Show, or Music Video?
12. Who acted in this movie?
13. Who directed this movie?
14. Who produced this movie?
15. Who wrote this movie?

16. Is your content clean or explicit?
17. Is this video going to be released as a podcast?
18. What is the applicable copyright notice of this movie?
19. Out of the series of movies, what number is this particular movie?
20. Out of the discs available, which disc is this on?
21. If you want to group a particular type of movie together, give them all the same grouping name.
22. Which application did you use to encode this movie?
23. If there is additional information that you would like to include with the video, put it in the comment tag.
24. Is this video in a series of videos that should be played without gaps?
25. Is this video a part of a compilation of videos?

Those are twenty five of the tags you can change in MetaX. If you’ve ever wanted more grandular control of your tagging, give this free application a try.

Grant is a writer from Delaware. In his spare time, Grant maintains a personal blog, hosts The Weekly Roar, hosts Quadcast, and writes for video games.