Unsuck Lion’s sucky parts with a nifty tweak app

Lion is probably one of the better, and probably most important, operating system updates to come out of Apple in years. There shouldn’t be much doubt about the direction Apple is heading with its operating system anymore. For the most part Lion is awesome, but there are a few things that are more than a little annoying.

The problem is that while a lot of the decisions in Lion make absolute sense (Mission Control, Mac App Store, Gestures), some of the eye candy remains just that for most. Case in point, if you have a computer that’s more than a year old, mail animations are pretty unnecessary considering they aren’t smooth at all. Lion is great to look at if your computer can handle the extra little animations thrown around the desktop, but if it can’t, Apple does not provide you with a simple way to turn them on and off.  That goes for a lot of things in Lion. If you’re not comfortable with making tweaks from the Terminal, there’s an app out there just for you: Lion Tweaks.

Lion Tweaks lets users toggle a lot of Lion features on and off to customize a lot of the operating system that Apple has changed in the big 10.7 upgrade. Hate the Leather look in iCal? Turn it off. Want to be able to type FUUUUUUU without having to hit the U key seven times? Enable repeating keys.

Lion Tweaks puts the power back in your hands, and better yet, it does it at the super expensive cost of Free.

I’m pretty excited that I no longer have to look at that ugly leather planner in iCal. Ugh, what were they thinking in Cupertino?

Source: BetaNews
Download: DownloadCrew

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