Turn Your Old Jeans Into An iPhone Sleeve With This Simple Hack

Face it, we all have that one pair of jeans that has been sitting around our closet for years. Sure, you could throw these jeans in the garbage, but what if you could do something actually useful with your old “Mom jeans”? Well, Instructables user =SMART= has an idea for you: a denim iPhone sleeve.

Making the sleeve is quite simple. According to the tutorial, you only have to make a few cuts on your old pair of jeans, fit your device, and then sew away. Once you’re finished, you should have a pretty wicked (and protective) sleeve for your iPhone or other mobile device. If you followed the instructions properly, the leather label on the back of your jeans should be on the front of the sleeve, giving it a vintage look.

If you’re someone who wears their iPhone on their belt, you’ll be happy to know that you can modify your denim sleeve to act as a holster. Just make sure that you cut out a belt loop with the rest of the material. If you plan on using your denim sleeve as a holster, we’d recommend adding a button to the sleeve’s opening for added protection.

Image Credit: =SMART= (Instructables)

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