Tuesday Tips: How To Delete A Passbook Card

If you’re a frequent flier and iOS user, chances are you use Passbook to hold your mobile boarding passes. Passbook is great—it saves paper and saves you from carrying another thing at the airport, but as of iOS 8.2, Passbook doesn’t automatically delete expired passes, leaving heavy users with tons of Passbook clutter. You need to delete passes on a per-pass basis, but it isn’t hard to do.


Launch Passbook on your iPhone and select the pass you’d like to delete by tapping on it. Then, tap the Information button—it’s the one with the lower-case “i” that’s located toward the bottom right-hand corner of the pass. After the card flips around to show additional options and info, tap Delete, then confirm that you’d like to delete your pass.

And voila! That’s all there is to deleting passes in Passbook. I’m still holding onto hope that Apple will add an auto-delete feature for boarding passes in a future update, but this will have to do for now.



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