Tuesday* Tips: Find The Right App To Open A File Using The App Store

If you’ve owned a Mac for any length of time, you’ve probably encountered files that none of your installed applications can open. If you’re running OS X Yosemite and you want to find the right app to open a file—or find a new app to try—an App Store search is just a couple clicks away.

Right-click on the file in question, then mouse over Open With in the menu that appears. (Alternately, click the file’s icon, then navigate to File > Open With.) At this point, a sub-menu will pop open. Select App Store… from the submenu, and the App Store will pop open and search for apps that can open the kind of file you selected.


And that’s all there is to it. From there, you can purchase or download apps as you normally would.

[*A note about the headline: Even though we labelled this as a Tuesday Tip, we published this on a Wednesday. The Presidents Day holiday was on the prior Monday, which threw us off a little. Oops. So consider this a Tuesday Tip, Wednesday Edition. ;)]

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