Tuesday Tips: Enable Safari Extensions On iOS 8

iOS 8 includes support for extensions in Safari, which allows developers to add useful features to the browser. And like some of the other more advanced features in iOS 8, it’s tucked away in a corner. With that in mind, here’s how to turn on extensions in Apple’s mobile browser.

Open Safari and go to a webpage. Any webpage will do, but Macgasm probably works the best. Just saying.

Tap the Share button (the square icon with an arrow pointing upward). Scroll the bottom set of buttons all the way to the right and click on More.


Find the App extension you’d like to enable and toggle the switch: It will now show up in the extension menu. While you’re at it, you can rearrange how tasks and extensions appear in the extensions menu by tapping and dragging the three horizontal lines that appear to the right of each item in this list. Once everything is to your liking, tap Done.


Now, every time you tap the Share button, you’ll be able to get at the extensions of your choice.

So far, we haven’t seem much more than a couple of toolkits that take advantage of this new functionality, but that will likely change as time goes on.

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