Tip: iOS 7 Brings Single-Tap Apple TV Setup To iOS Devices


iOS 7 has added many new features to iPhones, iPods, and iPads, however, some of these features seem to be hidden layers deep within the platform. One of these features is using your iOS device to instantly send your iTunes account info, Wi-Fi settings, and language and region preferences to a new third-generation Apple TV. All of these settings can be transferred to your Apple TV via Bluetooth on most newer iOS 7 devices. Compatible devices include the iPhone 4S or newer, iPad third-generation or newer, iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPod Touch.

The process itself is actually quite simple. First, plug your new Apple TV into your HDTV and power it on. Once at the setup screen, unlock your compatible iOS 7 device, enable Bluetooth, connect to the Wi-Fi network you would like your Apple TV to use, and tap your iOS device to your new Apple TV. You’ll now be prompted to sign into your Apple ID on your iOS device and give your Apple TV permission to remember your Apple ID credentials. Once you’ve completed these steps, your new Apple TV is ready to use.

Image Source: bfishadow

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