Tip: Hide Photos On Your iPhone Or iPad Just By Cropping Them Down In iPhoto

Most of us have at least a few photos that are slightly, if not completely, embarrassing. They might make you chuckle a little when you see them again, but would completely mortify you if anyone else saw them. So here’s an easy tip to hide photos in iPhoto on your iPhone or iPad from people who are casually browsing your photo albums.

There are a lot of apps out there that will password protect your photos. But here’s a much easier way that doesn’t require any app other than iPhoto. You can easily hide photos right in your photo albums, without a password, just by cropping your photos down. Here’s how:

  1. Open the photo library on your iPhone or iPad and tap the photo that you wish to keep secret.
  2. Tap “Edit” and then tap the “Crop” tool at the bottom.
  3. Drag the corners of the cropping box inside so that a very small portion of the image is visible inside that box.
  4. Save the cropped version and it will replace the original image in your camera roll.

By doing this you’re not actually deleting the original photo. When you edit a photo in iOS the original photo gets saved along with the edited version so you can easily go back to the original photo. To see the original photo, just open the edited image inside the photo album, choose “Edit” and then tap “Revert to Original.” On the iPhone the “Revert to Original” button is missing but you can manually drag the cropping handles outside to see the original, unedited photo.

Source: Digital Inspiration via LifeHacker

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