Tip: Create A Folder With All Of Your Selected Items In Finder

Usually you create a folder and then drag and drop all of the files into that folder one at a time or in a group. But, did you know that you can select a grouping of files, and then create a folder and automagically move all of your selected files directly into that folder immediately upon creation?

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Select the files and folders you want to put into a new folder
  2. Right click (or option click)
  3. Select “New Folder with Selection” from the menu.Alternatively, you can also hit the keyboard combination of Command+Control+N.

This will move all of your files and folders you have selected into a new folder, and then immediately let you rename that folder to whatever you desire. It’s a real time saver when you’re doing some spring cleaning around your filesystem.

This works on systems with 10.7 and later.

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