The ultimate guitar tool kit on the iPhone

If you’re a guitar player, or even a beginner, there’s a sweet application on the iPhone that helps you get up to speed with new chords and scales. It’s like one of those crappy Ernie Ball how to books, but like a million times better, and actually useful. What good is a damn chord progression on paper, if you have absolutely no idea what the chords should sound like in the first place?

The Guitar Tool Kit solves most of those problems, as well as gives you access to a tuner, chord book, scale information, and all for different types of guitars (12 string, 6 strings, Bass, and 5 string bass). It’s become quite the handy little tool. Have any idea what a B Persian scale should look like with an E flat tuning? I sure as hell didn’t, but after a couple of quick clicks, I had it at my finger tips.

Photo credit: Daniel Y. Go

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