Sync OmniFocus with DropBox

I’ve had a constant struggle with ToDo applications lately (or GTD apps if you prefer), I’m both hot and cold when it comes to their use in my work flow.  When things get really busy and out of control for me I start dropping things into the application, but once  things slow down I tend to neglect them.  It’s been a cat and mouse game for well over a year.  One thing that has always irked me was a lack of syncing between my todo lists and my multiple machines. All the applications seem to provide options for syncing, but none seem to integrate free, over the internet, options.

This is where dropbox comes in handy.

For those of you not in the “know”, dropbox gives you 2gb of syncable storage space, for free!  They give you an application that lets you sync those files between multiple computers.  If you need more space they also have a Pro accounts which gives you 50gb or 100gb (neither of which are free, and both of which are a monthly charge of $9.99, and $19.99 respectively).

These two applications can be mashed together to sync your OmniFocus todo’s across multiple machines very simply.

  1. Click preferences in OmniFocus,
  2. then the sync icon,
  3. then the “disk” option,
  4. then choose the location,
  5. then select your DropBox folder,
  6. click sync now,
  7. rinse and repeat on your other computers.

Now you can have your “todos” with you where every you are!

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