Stuck Talking To Recordings When Calling Apple Support? Just Drop An F-Bomb To Talk To A Real Person

Sick of talking to those annoying recordings that get you nowhere when you call for Apple support? Here’s a faster way to get connected to an Apple technician: just drop an F-bomb. The automated system is apparently programmed to listen for “signs of distress” and will automatically redirect callers if specific phrases or patterns are detected.

A Reddit user discovered this when he dropped an F-bomb while on a call to Apple Support. As soon as the word was registered, the machine cut off in mid-sentence and in about 10 seconds he was talking to an Apple technician.

This trick isn’t a guarantee though, as it’s very possible that the technician will just put you right back in the call queue.

Clever, but this isn’t limited to only Apple. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are often installed to listen for keywords that might signal a company is about to lose a customer. By monitoring calls and connecting frustrated callers sooner, companies may be able to reduce the number of complaints received and retain customers’ business.

Image Credit: Softpedia

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