Split & Concat: Putting files back together again

Rogers is not the only service provider that messes with their customers bandwidth and data transfers. Most online email providers and webhosts also limit your space and file transfer sizes. The major difference here is that gmail, yahoo, and msn are providing services for free, so we’re more than likely going to take their caps in stride. However, some of us have a need for sending large files on occasion across a network to a colleague, a buddy, a fellow pirate, or even to yourself as a quick and dirty little backup plan. Which ever of these categories you fall into–*ahem* pirate *ahem*– Split & Concat is the application you will find most handy. Now, before all you purists out there give me a long song and dance about their being similar functionality in the terminal, I’d like to say I KNOW THAT. Moving forward, we have two options with Split & Concat, we can split, or concat…go figure!

Splitting those files up

Splitting files into chunks that make it under the cut for your transfer allotment has never been easier, and you’ll probably use this feature a lot while sending some of that sketchy material to your friends. First install the application, then click the split button. You’ll be met with a dialog box that looks like this:

Set the size you would like each individual part of the file to be, In my case it’s 100mb, but if you’re using a service that only lets you send files of ten mb’s or lower, you should probably only put in ten. You’ll hit okay, and away you go, your files will be crunched into a series of parts that meet the specifications you entered. Well, I lied. Somewhere in that process you’ll be asked to pick your files, surely you can handle that one on your own right?

Concatenating your files

Concatenating essentially means putting back together. You’re gonna mashup a bunch of files with .001, .002, .003 back into the original file that was split up. In my case I’ll be putting together a .iso file that I’ve been using over the last couple of days. So if we go back to the original options, we had split and concat. Click the concat. We will click on the series of files that we have that we need to put together. Clicking on any one of the .001 … .00X files should work. The program will go and find the start, then begin to throw them back into one file.

Split & Concat should throw the original, non segmented file into the same folder that you have your individual piece in.

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