Make sure Siri is passcode protected for some extra security

In our child-like excitement to try out Siri on iPhone 4S release day, most of us missed the fact that you can launch Siri, compose an email, and send it, all without ever having to input your passcode credentials. The ramifications could be huge no matter how unlikely it may be that someone can get their hands on your phone and nefariously send out a potentially-damaging email on your behalf.

Thankfully you can make sure that Siri is comfortably behind your passcode with a simple flick of a switch:

  • Open your Settings App,
  • Go to General
  • Select the Passcode Lock
  • Make sure the Siri switch is set to OFF.

This will comfortably place Siri behind your passcode. iOS will force you to unlock your phone before using the sexy voice activated assistant, should you actually want that to happen.

I’m going to take my chances and leave Siri accessible without having to put in my passcode. It seems more useful to me that way. I’d much prefer having Siri ask me for a passcode that I can dictate rather than having to enter it in with the iOS keyboard. Hopefully that’s something we see in the near future.

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