Show me the Path…Finder!

Open the Finder, on the Menu bar, select View, then click “Show Path Bar” to enable a graphical representation of your folder path.  See below for a screenshot of the Path Bar.

Here’s my Path Bar.   I’m in /balrog0/Users/Shared

If you’re used to working in the Terminal…then you know that know which path you’re in is pretty important;  there’s nothing like doing rm -Rf *.* in the wrong directory.  Anyway, if you want to see the UNIX path in the Finder, do the following:

Open Terminal and type or paste the following and hit enter:

defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES

Restart the Finder or restart your computer.  To restart the Finder, press the following key combo:

Cmd option Esc.  This will bring up the Application Kill window.  Select the Finder, click restart.

For the UNIX/LInux geeks, just do:

ps aux | grep Finder

find the process ID and…

sudo kill -9 <process id>

The Finder will automatically restart.

After performing either of the aforementioned methods for killing the Finder, open a new Finder window (if one does not open automagically).
Look at the top of the window and you will notice the UNIX path in the title.   /balrog0/Users/Shared is shown in the screenshot below.

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