Screen Recording in QuickTime X

One of the very few noticeable changes from Leopard to Snow Leopard is QuickTime X. The new player is 64 bit capable, has a brand new user interface, and has the ability to capture video of your computer screen. Other screen capture applications are fifty US dollars or more. This screen capturing app is built right into your operating system! This is great news for people who want to run screencasts or just want to visually explain how to accomplish tasks step by step.

First, launch QuickTime X. Now go to File > New Screen Recording.

You’ll now be shown a new QuickTime window with a record button and a grey arrow to the righthand side. Click the arrow, and customize the mic input, the quality of the recording, and where you want to save out the screen recording.

You now have a very powerful tool in your arsenal for no extra cost. Whenever somebody asks you how to do something on a Mac, you can just whip up a screen recording, and toss it on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Goddard Photo and Video Blog

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