Remove Digits From Calculator One Swipe At A Time

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s tip time here at Macgasm. Did you know that there’s a hidden gesture in the calculator application that helps you clear mistyped digits without having to clear an entire number at once using the clear button?

It’s actually pretty simple stuff.

If you find yourself in trouble, and you need to remove a single digit from your calculator, swiping left, or right, will remove the last entered number in the calculator. Just don’t hold too long, or you’ll find yourself dealing with the copy modal that pops up when trying to copy text.

I wish more calculator apps had this kind of functionality. In fact, I’d probably prefer the calculator gestures to work more like Apple’s Copy/Paste functionality where you can tap and hold to place a cursor. But, that doesn’t exist yet.

Bonus Tip: If you hold the calculator app in landscape mode you can get a scientific calculator that magically appears once the screen orientation rotates.

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