Reminder: Only Days Left to register your iPhone 3G for Apple Care.

On this, the second anniversary of me owning an iPhone, I was reminded that my original limited edition 4GB iPhone’s Apple Care that I got last year is now expired. Therefore, if anything goes wrong with it, I may be trying to repair it myself. This procedure is not a problem with my iPod Video (5.5 Generation) or even an iPod Mini. However, from the screenshots on the iFixit Website, it seems like it’s a huge task to change the battery in the iPhones. :/

With expiring Apple Care, I thought I would remind those of you early adopters who just had to purchase an iPhone 3G on the first weekend you have about 11 days left to order, purchase and register Apple Care for your iPhone 3G. Apple Care for your iPhone 3G will provide an additional year of support; both hardware and software. It also includes replacement of your battery should the battery life on your iPhone 3G begin to fail.

I have already gotten and registered my Apple Care for my iPhone 3G, I may never need it, but I choose to be safe rather than sorry. So hurry up and spend that $69 to order your Apple Care and get the extra year of warranty, before it is too late.

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