Pad and Quill try a Moleskin inspired iPad and iPhone case

Well, I guess it’s officially become a “thing.” iPad and iPhone Moleskin knockoffs are everywhere, and the latest are coming from Pad and Quill. This time around it’s bonded leather and wood, and available for both your iPhone and your iPad. It looks pretty snazzy and it’s going to turn heads no matter where you whip it out (The iPad, geesh).

It comes in a little cheaper than a Dodocase, but it doesn’t seem to be handcrafted like the Dodocase. If you can’t wait for a Dodocase, then you might want to check this new one out. Pretty soon you’ll be able to sit on the bus, listen to music, and have no one be the wiser, unless of course, they’re Macheads and realize that everyone and their brother’s trying to hide their iPads and iPhones in books.

It’s just the price you’re gonna have to pay for sexy.

iPad Edition — $54.99

iPhone Edition — $39.99

Article Via Gadget Lab

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