Tip: Open Web Pages In The Background In iOS

Power users of desktop computers open new tabs in the background all of the time. If you’re making your way through an article with a dozen interesting links, they all get thrown in the tab bar for future reference. This way, you’re not constantly switching between newly opened web pages and the original page. Well, this tip is for those of you who want a similar experience on iOS.

To make new tabs open in the background on the iPad, open the Settings app. Select the “Safari” section, and find the toggle labeled “Open New Tabs in Background.” Make sure the toggle is set to on. Now when you tap and hold a link, and then tap the “Open in New Tab” button, it will load the web page in the background, leaving your current tab in the foreground.

For the iPhone and iPod touch, things are a little bit different, but fundamentally the same. We’re not really dealing with tabs, but the card interface to switch between open web pages is similar. To make new pages open in the background, go to Settings, and make your way down to the “Safari” button. Tap it, and then tap the “Open Links” button. Make sure it is toggled to “Open in Background.” This will make opening multiple links from a single web page much less obnoxious.

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Hat tip: Cult of Mac

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