Motorola Xoom will require 6 days to get LTE upgrade

The Motorola Xoom, which is set to be released today, February 24th, 2011, has a slight issue. In order to upgrade the Motorola Xoom’s 3G connection to LTE, you will need to send the device back to the Manufacturer.

This means that it’s not just a software upgrade to enable LTE, but a hardware and software upgrade. This is entirely handled by Motorola and one upside is that this won’t cost the user anything, not even shipping and handling fees. The additional positive aspect is that users won’t have to change their data plan. The worst part is that it will take up to 6 business days to complete the upgrade.

Who is affected by this? Well, not many people, especially as compared to the iPad if it were to require an upgrade like this. The Motorola Xoom has not yet been released, but should be by the time you are reading this. It’s the first Google Android 3.0, Honeycomb tablet. Honeycomb is the first Google-authorized tablet OS and the Motorola Xoom is the first device to be a Google-blessed tablet device.

We don’t know how well the Motorola Xoom will sell, but we can be sure that it won’t be nearly as well as the iPad in its first two days, at least not for a little while.

Article Via BGR

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