Mavericks Beta Lets You AutoFill Your Credit Card Information With Safari

AutoFill is great nowadays with so many forms that can be filled out online with most of your information being inputed automatically. With OS X Mavericks still in beta, there are still plenty of tips and tricks to uncover. For instance, a new feature of Safari in Mavericks beta lets you add and store your credit card information so you’ll never have to get back up and grab the card out of your wallet.

All you have to do is launch Safari on your Mac, which obviously needs to be running Mavericks beta, and open your Safari Preferences. You’ll then need to click on the Autofill icon, which is the third from the left at the top. When you do, you’ll notice the different types of information that Safari can store, like Contact into, user names and passwords, and credit card info. Select the checkbox next to Credit Cards and then click Edit button to right.

Following that, you’ll click the Add button, found in the bottom left corner, and then add a description of the card you want to store. After that, hit the Tab key to move on. Here you’ll add your credit card number and then hit tab again to input the expiry date. One more tab will let you fill in your Cardholder’s name.

There isn’t a spot for your credit card’s security code, which is probably a good thing.

Now you can shop to your heart’s content without having to enter your credit card information at all.

Image Credit: fnbc

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