Manage Podcasts using iTunes without the iTunes Store

I pod, you pod, we all pod… Podcasting has become a huge avenue of content in the past five years. The iTunes Store is a great way to find podcasts, but it isn’t perfect. In fact, some people would prefer not to use it at all, but they’d still like to use iTunes for podcasts. This is not a problem. all you have to do is go to the Advanced menu in iTunes, and then click Subscribe to Podcast.

Now enter the podcast feed URL into the text field. For example, our podcast feed is

That was simple, but what if you prefer to download podcast episodes manually or with third party apps, and then move the files into iTunes? You can mark those files as podcasts, and they will look just like any other podcast in the iTunes and iPod user interface. Right-click the file, click Get Info. Go to the Options menu, and change the Media Kind drop down menu to Podcast.

Now you can have all of the syncing goodness of iTunes without having to deal with the iTunes Store.

Photo Credit: Wheat_in_your_hair

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