Mail Tags Makes It Easier To Get to Inbox Zero

I love me some automation as you know. Making computers work for us, instead of having to work to use a computer is my main objective. Making things easier in life is the whole reason I use computers, supposedly. Getting to inbox zero is hard enough on the best of days, and after yesterdays recommendation of Mail Act-On you should be well on your way to getting stuff out of your inbox, and filed away nicely. Keeping the mail theme going for one more day on the site is probably a good idea. Lets GTD.

Most people use email like it’s a running log of tasks that need doing, and until that task is done, we’ll leave the email in our inbox, usually marked as unread. It’s not really conducive to getting things done. It might work for you if you get three or four emails a day, but if you ramp that up to a hundred or two hundred, you’ll be bogged down in no time. Mail Tags helps with this, a lot. If you’re using Mail Act-on now, you’ll be able to take this whole thing one step further now.

You’ll now be able to add tags to all your emails, assign emails to ical’s todo list (as well as OmniFocus, DEVONthink, etc), and use smart folders and tags together. All things you should be doing to get information out of your email and into your task management programs. You can also assign keywords you both outgoing and incoming mail. That means you’ll now have the ability to tag you project files as they’re being created, and not have to do it on the fly. These are all things that will be letting to get organized and keep track of tasks that need to be done with your email. It’s really handy. You should give it a go.

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Tip Via: Mason Taylor

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