Mail a website.

I’m a huge fan of tinyurl, mostly because it lets me play really annoying jokes on people over and over again, but usually so I have more characters to use in Twitter. Throw in a quick “real” link with tinyurl, and I keep them guessing. But, this post isn’t about hiding your links from your friends, and tricking them into clicking something they probably really didn’t want to. In fact this post is the complete opposite of that, and pretty much can have the same desired effect as using tinyurl now that I think about it.

You can send entire websites to someone with Safari and Surf to the site you want, hit the Command + I key combination and your mail program should pop open a message with the entire contents of the site in that message.

So now, instead of sending your friends that goats-spore mutant with a tiny url, you can send him the entire page in plain view. Sometime you just need to keep your friends on their toes. Keep them looking over their shoulders… you know?

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