Mac OS X Tip – Empty Trash

Have you ever had a pesky file that doesn’t want to be removed from the Trash? Or, would you like to securely empty your Trash? Well do I have a tip for you.

When you empty your Trash and you receive the error message that the file is in use and can’t be deleted. Go ahead and click Continue. You will still see the file in the Trash, but don’t worry here is what you can do.  This time before you empty your Trash, hold down the “Option” key. While holding down the “Option” key press the Empty button. The pesky files are now deleted!

Now for securely removing files from your Trash. Go ahead and open your Trash. Now click on Finder, in the drop down menu select Secure Empty Trash. You are now prompted with a message that is telling you that you will not be able to recover these files once they have been deleted.  However, it does state that if you have backed up your files with Time Machine or another backup application; then, you will be able to recover your files from the backup.  Now that you are ready to delete the files click on the Secure Empty Trash button.  Your files in the Trash are now securely removed.

There you go folks. Two new ways to delete files from your Trash. Till next week, enjoy your new Mac OS X Tip and your Mac.

Photo Credit: Mac OS X trash can recreation

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