Mac OS X Security Manual from Corsaire (not the RAM guys)

Some of us are bigger geeks than others. It’s called natural distribution. Some of us are the outliers while others of us are smack on the curve somewhere in the middle. The people in the middle are where most of us fall. We use the Mac, enjoy messing with settings and tweaking small things here and there. On the far left, the people who boot OS X, open safari and check their email, then log off. But, what interests me is the people on the far far right. The hardcore, the masochistic, the uber-geeks.

If you’re the getting you’re the hands dirty kind of person, this manual will really get the juices flowing. It’s a 3rd party analysis of Leopard security that also gives you a step by step on how to ensure you’re as secure as you can be.

You can get it on their technical whitepaper page here. I’m going to work through it a bit this weekend and let you know how it goes.

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