Logitech Growls at Growl

Are you having problems with Growl showing alerts? Did you buy a new Logitech device? Have you tried everything else? Well there is actually a simple way to fix this problem and it only involves a few steps! When you install the application Logitech Control Center it installs a couple scripts. These scripts help notify you when your keyboard or other device is plugged into your Mac. These scripts mess with the things Growl needs to run properly. A plugin called LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader is the culprit. This regulates Growls notifications because Logitech Control Center and Growl use the same method in displaying notifications. This can be fixed really simply.TI fix the problem just go to your SYSTEM library. Now go into the InputManagers folder and fid the LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader. Just drag this plugin into the trash. Make sure you empty the trash though. For some reason this one just seems to live until you empty your trash. You’re done! Restart your system and Growl should be working again!