Lion DiskMaker is your one click solution to a bootable Lion install disk

With the introduction of Lion, Apple has shifted to a digital only distribution model. Lion DiskMaker helps you get back to your roots by helping you create bootable, physical media with one click.

As amazing as Lion Internet Recovery is, there are bound to be times when a fast Internet connection is not available when you need to install Lion on a fresh hard drive. Those times will require a bootable version of the Lion installer and if the thought of writing disk images to hard drives scares you a little bit, programmer Guillaume Gete has got you covered.

Lion DiskMaker lets you create a bootable drive with any storage device 4GB or larger, including thumb drives, DVDs, and even SD Cards. Be aware that whatever disk you decide to use, you will lose all of the data on it. When performing this procedure manually, 4GB is a bit too small, so Guillaume has worked a bit of magic here.

When launched, Lion DiskMaker scans your Applications folder for a copy of the Lion installer. You will need to have downloaded it from the App Store. If you’ve already installed Lion, you can download the installer by opening the App Store, and then navigating to the purchased tab. Then simply option+click on Lion and you’ll be able to re-download the installer. This is required as the installer is deleted after installation. Once it locates the installer, you are prompted to burn a DVD or USB drive and the process is pretty much autonomous from that point on.

Be sure to check out our tutorial: Hacking your MacBook Air Reinstall Drive, which will show you how to unlock the drive. Once it’s unlocked you can use Lion DiskMaker to install Lion on it automtically, which will end up saving you quite a bit of work over performing this procedure manually.

Via: 9to5 Mac

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