LicenseKeeper: Managing your serials and licenses

So, I always seem to say that I have been looking for these apps for weeks, but in this case it is absolutely one hundred percent true. A couple of weeks ago I was having to reinstall some applications that had become corrupted by my leopard install. I searched everywhere for my serial information, but could not find them anywhere. It was seriously annoying, luckily for me I found them in a storage box that I managed to stow away after the wedding. Well, I wish I had LicenseKeeper.

Storing serial numbers, license files, receipts, purchase history, and registration information, are some of the tasks that this application can maintain. But LicenseKeeper also has the ability to scan your emails for serial information. Now that’s a handy feature in my opinion. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve search through my gmail archive to look for the quicktime pro serial information. uggh… LicenseKeeper also has some other tricks up its sleeves, so I’d head on over there and give the demo a try.

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