iTunes U: Stanford CS193P: iPhone Application Programming Updated

Stanford has updated the iPhone OS iTunes U to show the Winter 2010 class. The class is taught by Alan Cannistraro and Josh Shaffer. This class has been updated in a few ways. The first is that it includes iPhone OS 3.1 development.

The iPhone OS update is a definite plus. While iPhone OS 2.X is great, the updates that were included with the 3.0 iPhone SDK allows for more engaging applications.

The update to the iPhone OS is not the only update, though. This go around, there is a bit more of an update. The slides are now included in the iTunes U RSS feed instead of being in a separate feed. Therefore, unlike the Spring 2009 class, you do not have to go and download the slides from the website.

Finally, the most useful update is the addition of Closed Captioning. This is extremely useful for everybody. Sometimes, during the Spring 2009 CS193P class, it was hard to hear exactly what was said. While there are still some inaudible parts, it is still much easier to understand what is being said.

If you’re interested in iPhone programming this would definitely be worth the subscription. It is a free download and available from iTunes U. There are still files that may be useful on the class website, so definitely head over there to see those as well.

The Spring 2009 class is still available as well as the PDF feed.

If this class will be anything like the last class, there will be an update to the iPhone SDK during the class; but it will not be covered except to acknowledge the update to the SDK.

Image source iTunes U.

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