iTunes Tip: Manually Manage your iPod/iPhone playlist.

Earlier today I realized that something had happened with my iPhone that wouldn’t let me drag and drop certain tracks to the device. I was perplexed, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I did. Apparently you can turn off this ability by clicking on the check box to the right. I guess if you’re taking advantage of the syncing playlist option you wouldn’t really need to manually manage your iPod playlists. I thought I would pass this along just in case you’re having the same issue that I was. I’m not sure if this turned off by itself or if I managed to accidentally turn it off. My iTunes has been acting up lately. Just last week I had to reimport all of my albums because random albums were disappearing from the iTunes library. They would still be in my filesystem, just nowhere in the itunes listing. I should probably reinstall leopard. It’s about that time again!

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