iTunes 8 Bug / Tip: Playlist sync

I have an iTunes 8.0 bug /tip. It’s in regards to syncing playlists, and the order of those playlists. Most would think, myself included, that if you choose a specific playlist order, no matter which view, it would be in that order when syncing to an iPod. Well, guess what, you would be wrong.

Under iTunes 8.0, if you attempt to sync a playlist that is in Track order under the Grid view, it will not sync that way. An iPod will sync based upon the ‘List View’ only and completely disregard which order the ‘Grid View’ has the song.

Now, it could have just been an oversight on Apple’s engineers’ part. But either way, it’s a bug and something I thought I’d share with everybody. It may not affect everybody, nor every playlist, but those albums that do truly sound better when in track number order, it will be very useful and helpful to have them in the proper order.

I’m pretty sure it’s something that Apple will fix in an upcoming update, but it’s not the end of the world, just something to be cognizant about.

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